Club Climbing During COVID-19

Howdy everyone,

we hope you all are doing well and staying safe. A quick update on what club is looking like this upcoming Fall.

We will be following the Adventure Center’s COVID-19 Protocols which includes but is not limited to the use of a mask, capacity limitations, sanity procedures, and proper social distancing in order to climb. As for Club Climbing, we are planning to have in-person meetings that follow these guidelines but we will also be live-streaming them for those unable to attend. We will get a roster going in the first few weeks of the semester which will be sent out for you all to fill in via email and GroupMe. Dues have been lowered to $5 for this fall semester (subject to change in Spring) since we are unable to do as many club activities as before. Team practices are still being figured out (more on that later when we know more). We will be communicating with you all soon with more details about this semester. As for people interested in joining club, please email us with your JMU dukes email and phone number attached so we can add you to the email chain and GroupMe accordingly.

We know you all have a lot of questions, we do to, and we’re doing our best to maintain a club presence while abiding to the university’s guidelines in order to fight this pandemic. Please feel free to email us at

Stay strong and climb hard,

Your Execs



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