USA Climbing

Individuals that wish to compete can either register through USA Climbing or simply compete as as citizens. There are associated costs and benefits with each option. Students that want to compete in the USA Climbing Collegiate Circuit must pay additional dues to the USA Climbing Club to become registered, as well as individual competition fees. In order to compete in USA Climbing Regionals, competitors must compete in one collegiate level competitions before gaining eligibility. Some competitions are exclusively for USA climbing members and if you qualify than that person has the ability to compete in the USA climbing regional and national circuits. This option makes the most sense for the more experienced and strong competition climbers. Registering with USA Climbing also may provide eligibility for some pro-deals. Click here to access USA Climbing’s Registration Page.

Members also have the option of participating in competitions at the ‘Citizen’ level. This requires no additional fees and is a better option for individuals that may only plan on going to one or two competitions.